Updated: How to use iOS 9


iOS 9 is the newest version of Apple’s operating system for its mobile devices. Ushered in alongside the launch of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, iOS 9 is available as a free download for most modern Apple devices.

It comes with a range of improvements and new features, so if you’re still rocking iOS 8 or earlier, then it’s definitely worth upgrading to.

We’ve created comprehensive guides that will show you how to download and install iOS 9 onto your iPhone or iPad, and as well as the best tips, tricks and tutorials to show you how to use iOS 9.

Update: We’ve added tutorials on how to recover deleted iCloud files, how to backup your iPhone or iPad, and updated our iOS 9 tips and tricks guide.

How to use iOS 9

How to set up your iPhone

First things first, if you’ve just got a brand new iPhone then watch our how to set up your iPhone video below to get it up and running quickly and easily.