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While Donald Trump fought off rebellious delegates to claim the presidential nomination at the Republican National Convention, no such battle awaits Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. It’s here she will officially become the first female presidential nominee in US history, with little to no contest.

The Democratic Convention dates run Monday, July 25 through Thursday, July 28. Hillary Clinton, Democratic party leaders and everyday Americans will take the stage to discuss youth education, gun violence and mass shootings, and opportunities for the poor, disabled and undocumented. Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill and Chelsea Clinton, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders headline the event. Just-announced vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine will also speak.

If you tuned in to Trump’s convention for its eclectic mix of actors, sports stars and business moguls, the DNC could also draw your interest with its star-studded speaker list. Time reports that Lady Gaga, Fergie, Snoop Dogg, Idina Menzel and Cyndi Lauper will all perform at or near the convention hall during the week, and actresses like Lena Dunham, America Ferrera, Debra Messing and Chloe Grace Moretz will speak at or attend the convention as well.

Whether you plan to watch to celebrate Clinton’s victory, decide whether you’ll switch allegiances from Trump or Sanders, compare with the Republican Convention, or see what the party has to say about the WikiLeaks email dump, you’ll find all the TV, online and app options to watch the DNC you need right here.

Democratic Convention speakers and schedule

President Barack Obama

Clinton and DNC organizers plan on pushing “the most progressive platform in party history” at the convention, and hope their speaker list will inspire voters to support their positions over Trump’s.

The official Democratic Convention speaker list isn’t available yet on the official site, but press releases have announced a wide range of everyday Americans with inspiring or troubling stories to tell, including DREAM activist Astrid Silva and Mothers of the Movement, a group whose members have all lost children as a result of gun violence or police brutality.

Monday’s theme is “United Together”. Michelle Obama, Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Silva headline the day, while other speakers include undocumented immigrants living in fear of deportation and survivors of drug abuse and developmental disabilities. (Expected start time: 3pm ET)

Tuesday’s theme is “A Lifetime of Fighting for Children and Families,” and will primarily feature Bill Clinton and the Mothers of the Movement. The mothers of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Dontré Hamilton, Jordan Davis, Michael Brown, Hadiya Pendleton, and Sandra Bland will touch on issues of race and gun violence. (Expected start time: 4pm ET)

“Working Together” is Day 3’s topic, highlighted by President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, who will encourage voters to stay the course with Clinton. Other speakers include the still-unknown pick for Clinton’s VP, Moretz and survivors of the Sandy Hook and Charleston church shootings. (Expected start time: 4:30pm ET)

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton
Image Credit: Democratic National Convention Committee

Finally, the convention wraps up Thursday with the message, “Stronger Together”. Chelsea Clinton, along with advocates for increasing the minimum wage and reducing the gender wage gap, will take the stage before Hillary Clinton speaks and accepts the nomination. (Expected start time: 4:30pm ET)

We’ll update this post as the official list becomes available. Other speakers with undetermined slots include Governors Jerry Brown, Andrew Cuomo and Howard Dean; Senators Barbara Boxer, Al Franken, Kaine and Minority Leader Harry Reid; Congresspersons Nancy Pelosi and Joaquin Castro; and actresses Dunham and Ferrera.

Watch the Democratic Convention on TV

Hillary Clinton

Whichever news station or broadcast network you use to get your political fix, that channel will likely be devoting nonstop coverage to the Democratic National Convention before, during, and after the events in Philadelphia.

CNN beats out its fellow dedicated news channels in sheer quantity of coverage. Starting Saturday, July 23, CNN will begin 24-hour coverage of the events. Dozens of CNN anchors will be on site as programs like America’s Choice 2016, Inside Politics and CNN Tonight air live at the CNN Grill broadcasting headquarters in Philly. Shows will also be livestreamed online and on mobile via CNNgo.

Fox News and MSNBC are also offering all-day coverage of the DNC on their TV channels, and PBS NewsHour and NPR have joined forces to cover each night of the convention from 8pm to 11pm ET on both TV and the radio.

On the major channel front, both NBC and ABC are dedicating their 10pm ET slots to recapping and discussing the convention from the night before the event through Thursday. ABC’s Good Morning America, Nightline, and World News Tonight will also broadcast live from Philadelphia Monday through Thursday.

Democratic Convention on Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube

DNC on YouTube

The Democratic Convention will have more streaming options online than ever before. Whether you care more about experts’ hot takes, social media updates from allies and rivals, or even seeing the proceedings in VR, we’ve laid out your best options.

YouTube is once again the official livestream provider of the Democratic Convention at https://www.youtube.com/user/DemConvention, where you’ll have unfiltered access to the speeches, celebrities and delegates.

Google, YouTube’s parent company, has upgraded its Search results accordingly: search “Democratic National Convention”, and Google will air the livestream in your browser, along with a lineup of speakers, relevant social media posts, and summaries of recent speeches and events.

Facebook, meanwhile, is pushing Facebook Live as the best way for users to get unfiltered access to politicians and the media. The company has invited news outlets like CNN, C-SPAN, Fox News, and the New York Times to stream interviews at the Facebook media lounge using Facebook Live. Democrats have already wielded Live and Periscope to stream Congressional protests directly to voters, so expect more on your activity feeds soon.

If you plan on live-tweeting the DNC and voicing your support or disagreements, CBS News and Twitter have partnered to make watching and joining the conversation easy. The CBS News stream on Twitter will be “enhanced with live, convention-related tweets”, and is a great way to keep up with the event when you’re a work.


Even Twitch is stepping into the competitive gameplay of American politics; it’ll be streaming the convention each night on a dedicated channel with special politically themed emoticons, and you can host the stream on your channel to encourage discussion in your chat. Plus, if you consider yourself particularly savvy in political matters, you can co-stream the event and comment live to your viewers as you watch the proceedings.

Finally, if you wish you were physically at the convention but couldn’t make the trip, several channels are ready to simulate the experience for you in VR. The official DNC 2016 app has a 360º video of the convention center, and you can also use your Google Cardboard to livestream the DNC in 360º VR. Even CNN plans to air certain segments and delegate activity in virtual reality on the CNN Politics mobile app.

Best apps and devices to stream the Democratic Convention

Amazon Fire TV

For mobile users, the best option is likely the DNC 2016: Official App, which can be found on the Apple Store and Google Play. This dedicated app features a livestream, 360º streaming options, a calendar of day-to-day events, and VODs of previous speeches.

But for the cable cutters looking for the most convenient way to watch the convention comfortably on their TVs, there’s no shortage of set-top boxes and apps from which to choose. Here’s a rundown of the apps on your favorite devices you can use to watch the proceedings.

Amazon Fire TV: CBS News, CNNgo, Fox News, DNC 2016: Official App, NBC News, Twitch, YouTube

Apple TV: ABC News, CBS News, CNBC, CNNgo, PBS, YouTube

Google Chromecast: ABC News, DNC 2016: Official App, Twitch, YouTube

PS4: Twitch, YouTube

Roku: ABC News, CBS News, CNBC, CNNgo, Fox News, NBC News, Twitch, YouTube

Xbox One: ABC News, CBS News, Twitch, YouTube

We’ll keep this post updated as more information on the event, schedule and speakers comes in.


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