Updated: Nintendo NX: Everything we know about Nintendo's new mystery console


Nintendo hasn’t revealed much about the Nintendo NX, but thanks to a recent earnings call we finally have a release date for Nintendo’s next console, and it’s happening in March 2017.

But while we may now know it’s release date, details are set to remain scarce for a while longer, as Nintendo has confirmed that the NX will not be appearing at E3 2016.

With Sony set to reveal its new 4K PS4 at E3, and Microsoft rumored to be readying a hardware update of its own (codenamed ‘Scorpio’) for next year, it’s looking like the NX is set to face some stiff competition from its rivals.

Analyst Michael Pachter hasn’t been kind in his predictions for Nintendo’s console, having called it a “backward-looking technology” that might struggle to find support from Western developers.

Granted, Nintendo has never made cutting-edge technology a focus, but with Playstation VR bringing virtual reality to the PS4 and Microsoft rumored to have a VR solution of its own in the works, Nintendo is looking to have a big fight on its hands.

But let’s hear from an optimist.