Updated: The best PS4 deals in the UK in April 2016


The PS4 has emerged as the clear winner in the next generation console war. Yes, the Xbox One is a great console, but the PS4 has been outselling it since day one and that now doesn’t ever look like changing.

On this page we’re listing all of the best PS4 deals in the UK so that, once you’ve decided to buy one, you can find all of the cheapest prices. Below you’ll find all of the absolute cheapest standalone PS4 deals from UK retailers, followed by our pick of what we think are the bundle deals that offer the absolute best value.

Here are the best PS4 deals currently available from trustworthy retailers…

Compare all PS4 deals: check prices on all standalone consoles and bundles

The best PS4 bundle deals this week…

You’ll often find that the most attractive way to buy a console is in a bundle with extra hardware or included games. These are the best PS4 bundle deals currently available in the UK – we update these at the beginning of each week, so you’re always up to date.

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1. Sony PS4 500GB | Star Wars Battlefront & Lego Marvel Avengers | £309.99 @ Tesco direct
This 500GB PS4 comes bundled with two games, the new Star Wars Battlefront games that lets you live all of your dream Star Wars battles and Lego Marvel Avengers that lets you play as all of your favorite Marvel Superheros. Scroll down to the special offers to get this bundle for just £289.99.

View this deal: Sony PS4 + Star Wars Battlefront & Lego Marvel Avengers for £309.99

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2. Sony PS4 500GB | + Selected game | £274.99 @ Smythstoys
This bundle comes gives you the option of choosing what game you would like bundled with your PS4. You have the choice between Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection, Bloodborne, Until Dawn and The Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls Collection. All great games and a tough choice!

View this deal: Sony PS4 and selected game for £274.99

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3. Sony PS4 500GB | Tearaway Unfolded and Lego Jurassic Park | £279.99 @ Game
This is a great PS4 bundle that comes with two top games, Tearaway Unfolded and Lego Lego Jurassic Park. Perfect to get kids for their first console.

View this deal: Sony PS4 with Tearaway Unfolded & Lego Jurassic Park month pass for £279.99

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4. Sony PS4 500GB | Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection | £269.99 @ Game
The cheapest bundle on our list comes with the fantastic Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection. Play through all 3 previous games in the Uncharted series and refresh your memory on the story ready for the release of Uncharted 4 in May!

View this deal: Sony PS4 with Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection for £269.99

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5. Sony PS4 500GB | Batman: Arkham Knight | £277.96 @ Amazon
This PS4 bundle comes with the highly rated AAA game Batman: Arkham Knight. Take to the rooftops and raods of Gotham and face some of Batman’s deadliest foes. Only £279.99 at Amazon.

View this deal: Sony PS4 with Batman: Arkham Knight for £277.99


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