VR Week: 10 ways to troll in VR: top trolling tips for virtual reality



Troll face

They’re scourge of the internet, they’re troll. But as much as we all love to hate them, there’s a sneaking allure to the lives they lead. Trolls aren’t out for scores, adoration or friends – they’re in it for the laughs. So if you can’t beat them, join them.

We’ll admit that VR is such a new platform, some of these are speculative. Many of the games are either in Alpha or not even released to the public yet. But with virtual reality about to hit the mainstream now is the time to get ahead of the game with our top 10 ways of trolling in VR.

1. Flip the bird!

Hover Junkers

Game: Hover Junkers

We can’t think of many games where a player has been able to stick a middle finger up while playing, except possibly obscure retro-styled horror game The Night That Speaks. But in upcoming HTC Vive title Hover Junkers you can. Just extend a hand and with a nifty button combo you can flip the bird at your opponent while mercilessly shooting their junker down. And instead of this being a bug to exploit, it’s been actively programmed in.

There’s also a less savory option to troll a teammate. Developers Stress Level Zero have made it possible for a player to shoot themselves in the head. Try it when you and your partner reaches a particularly tough opponent. Leave your friend building defences while you just stare them in the eyes as you end it all. They’ll then have to fend for themselves against the ever-encroaching enemies. Chilling.