VR Week: This is the portable VR gaming PC you want, but probably can't afford


Building a VR-ready PC on a budget requires carefully selecting compatible components that are powerful enough but don’t cost the earth. So what do you do when cost is an afterthought? Ian ‘8Pack’ Parry, one of the world’s top overclockers, set out to answer that question by building The Asteroid.

The latest machine in Stoke, UK-based Overclocker’s 8Pack range of high-end gaming machines, The Asteroid is a mini-ITX system that’s been designed from the ground up to eat VR games for breakfast while running silent and cool. And so it should, at £4,000 (around £$5,750 or AUS$7,500) – but at that price it’s certainly not going to be for everyone.

8Pack is no stranger to building crazy-powerful PCs powered by multiple Nvidia GTX Titan X cards, but his latest creation presented an altogether different challenge: squeezing tons of power into a chassis small enough to slip into a flight case and take on the road.

So, what level of engineering goes into a compact, LAN-friendly, VR-ready David among Goliaths? Techradar caught up with 8Pack at the Insomnia 57 gaming festival to find out.