What's the best game you've played this year?


The 34th annual Golden Joystick Awards are nearly here, and it poses a simple question for you: “What’s the best game you’ve played this year?”

It’s a straightforward question, with no tricks to look out for, no hypotenuses to calculate, but there’s little chance your answer will be immediate or easy to come by. It’s not like we’re short of options – there are so many great games that have been released over this past year and they’re all so different!

But, rather than shouting into the ether of a Reddit thread, or arguing the merits of Pokemon Go over a pint, here’s a chance to actually make your voice count.

Make yourself heard

Yep, it’s time once more to vote in the Golden Joystick Awards. In their 34th year, these are the only gaming awards that directly ask you what you think deserves to be recognized as the very best gaming experience.

golden joysticks

It’s not even limited to your favorite game, either – there are 21 voting categories that allow you to delve into the details from visuals to voice acting performances and make sure the best of the best comes out on top.

From No Man’s Sky to The Division, it’s been another vintage year, and the Golden Joystick Awards looks to celebrate all the very best the gaming industry has offered over the past twelve months.

It’s not often someone asks your opinion on something, never mind 21 things. So jump on the opportunity to be heard and head to the Golden Joysticks voting website which is open now.

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