You can see right through Panasonic's latest TV


Finding the balance between décor and appliance is often a tricky task, but Panasonic’s latest innovation blurs the two together with its prototype TV that’s totally translucent.

Refined from an earlier design shown at CES earlier this year, the new prototype was demonstrated at the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies trade show, or CEATEC, taking place in Tokyo, Japan this week.

Image Credit Panasonic via YouTube

The translucent display is powered by a super-thin OLED screen mesh applied to a glass backing that maintains a crisp image even if there is light behind it – though the image is optimal in a dim setting – and is totally see-through when not in use.

You can also see the prototype display transition from unassuming sliding glass to full-on television for yourself in the video tour of Panasonic’s CEATEC 2016 booth below: