You don't have to date anyone to use Tinder's new app


In Tinder’s world, we’d swipe right and left on everything. If you use iMessage, now you just about can.

The famous dating service is introducing an app called Tinder Stacks for iMessage, which recently introduced app integration with iOS 10.

Tinder Stacks essentially let users vote on any photo sent from their friends, whether pictures of an outfit to wear, selfies to post or filters to use. Those are Tinder’s examples, though we could see groups use the app to decide what to have for dinner, flavors of [fill in your favorite dessert] to buy or what movie to watch this weekend.

Those on the receiving end will see a stack of images, and using the “iconic” right or left swipe can help the person on the other side make a pick.

Tinder iMessage

Uploading images to a Stack is relatively easy, though you’ll need to have the Tinder app installed and Tinder Stacks enabled for iMessage.

Tinder Stacks are a bit novel, though they do seem like they can cut a lot of the fuss out of sending streams of photos and debating things ad nauseam. Hopefully, people stay kind as they use Stacks, too.

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