You'll need several streaming subscriptions to listen to Obama's summer playlist


You'll need several streaming subscriptions to listen to Obama's summer playlist

Ah, summer! Time for barbecues, trips to the beach, hikes, battling off mosquitoes, catching rays, and, most importantly, hot tracks to listen to when doing all of the above.

The Commander-in-Chief of the United States is not exempt from summertime jamming – President Barack Obama just released his favorite tracks via Twitter for anyone curious what sort of music airs in the Oval Office.

Obama’s 2016 summer playlists come in both a day and nighttime version, ranging from classic sunshine standards like Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys to more contemporary hits like The Man by Aloe Blacc and Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.

This isn’t the first time President Obama has shared his music tastes with the world. His playlists for the summer were also released last year when The White House first joined Spotify.

Make your mix

Recreating the mix for yourself might be tricky, however, as the official list contains tracks that are exclusive to certain music streaming services. That said, a significant portion of the collection is already on The White House’s Spotify, leaving only four tracks unaccounted for.

You’ll need to spring for a Tidal account to get legit streaming access to U Got the Look by the late, great Prince, and So Ambitious by Jay Z, featuring Pharrell. A subscription for Apple Music fills in another track from Obama’s nighttime list – Midnight Sun by Carmen McRae.

The final missing song, Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rain, is trickier to locate, but thankfully won’t require signing up for any premium services. It’s part of Chance’s Acid Rap mixtape, which the artist gave away for free on an official stream.

Trust us when we say it gets hot in Washington, DC – today’s forecast calls for a heat index of 102°F – so anyone in the area is probably going to need these songs now more than ever to beat the heat. And, hey, everyone wants to be as cool as the POTUS.


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