3A buck converter in 1 x 2 x 3mm package



Called LMR33630, and capable of delivering up to 3A, 75mΩ and 50mΩ power switches are integrated, efficiency is up to 92% and switching can be as fast as 2.1MHz or as slow as 400kHz.

“At 0.5A/mm2, the package gives the LMR33630 the industry’s highest power density at 3A of current,” said the firm. “Optimised package construction and symmetrical pin placement minimises parasitic inductance and facilitate optimal placement of input bypass capacitors to mitigate conducted and radiated noise emissions.”


Switching speed is such that it can regulate from an input voltage of 20V while providing 3.3V at a switching frequency of 2.1 MHz. It can also regulate a 3.3 V output from an input of only 3.8V.

Automatic mode switching between PFM and PWM is used to keep efficeincy high over a wide range of loads, and at light loads in PFM mode diode emulation allows DCM.

Shutdown current is 5µA and operating current can be as low as 25µA


Design tools include TI’s Webench Power Designer, and there are evaluation modules.

Applications are expected nominal 12V or 24V systems such as factory and home automation, motor drives, inverters and servo control units.

This device is also available in an AEC-Q100-qualified, and there is also a 2A version, the LMR33620.


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