3d printing: Hmmm, maybe a raft is not the answer



In scooting around YouTube, I have seen folk print on a ‘raft’, and then neatly tear off the raft to leave the finished object. It all seems so simple.

So, on went a raft, with the thinking that if there the first one or two print layers are being asked to fill more height than is possible, then the raft might get all that error, leaving the print accurate.
BTW, adding a raft is just a drop-down in the Repetier/Cura combination that came with the printer.

  • Rafted object sliced with Cura – tick
  • transferred to micro SD Card (USB still not reliable) – tick
  • SD card in printer – tick
  • press ‘go’ – tick

Result, one nice print with raft (see above).

Then it didn’t go so well.3d-printing-with-raft-detached

Tearing off the raft left at least one layer of the raft thoroughly bonded to the bottom of the object (see photo), so now it is even taller.

Hmmm…. Maybe those folk who happily tear the raft from their prints are not fussing over an Orc that is 0.7mm too tall.

Next idea for correcting object height – hunt for G-code to alter z-offset.

Extruder temperature – Another BTW:
Discovered in Repetier a way to add G-code with the correct temperatures to the beginning of the print instruction file.
….except that didn’t work either…

Oh well…


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