5 bizarre Black Friday tech bargains


For most, Black Friday is the time of the year when you stock up on TV and gaming goodies but sites such as Amazon do offer up other Black Friday related oddities. This is our pick of five bargains we have seen that on a normal day we wouldn’t even dream about purchasing, but over Black Friday weekend when deals send even the most level headed doolally, some of these may well end up in our basket.

If you fancy Black Friday deals that are a little more common, then check out our handy list of all the big retailers offering up fantastic discounts.

1. SpyNet Vibrasonic Binoculars

When normal binoculars just don’t cut it in this high-tech world, these vibrasonic binoculars allow you to hear without your ears! No, we have no idea either, but the gadget is massively discounted – from £39.99 to just £15.99 – and uses bone conductive technology, which is pretty high end for what is essentially a child’s toy. 

Buy SpyNet Vibrasonic Binoculars now

2. Suck UK USB Mixtape

Bloody hipsters, coming over here and ruining our musical memories. If it wasn’t bad enough that they’ve decided the vinyl is the best thing since sliced bread – and because of this it’s now available in the sliced bread aisle in Sainsbury’s – they’ve gone and ruined the idea of the mixtape, with this USB infused monstrosity. Terrible. But a bargain at just £12.60, down from £20, so if this is your thing get it while it’s cheap. Just don’t send your mixes to us, you heathen.

Buy the Suck UK USB Mixtape now.

3. Ultrasonic Plug-in Mouse Control

If you have a rodent problem, you could buy some traditional traps and watch the little blighters die a ‘not very humane’ death. That’s one, cruel way to do it. Another way to avoid the mess is to zap them with ultrasonic rays. This way, they leave your humble abode alone and you get a brand-new, bizarre gadget to add to your collection… one that’s got some lovely Black Friday discounts attached to it.

Buy the Avantek Pest Rodent Repeller now

4. Furbo Dog Camera

Everyone loves to toss a treat now and then and now you can do it for a cut price. The Furbo Dog Camera allows you to chat to your dog even when it’s not in the same room as you. It also allows you to spy on your dog when you are not around, thanks to its HD camera. And, best of all, you can load it with treats and toss them to your canine via the accompanying app. No, seriously. 

The Furbo Dog Camera is usually a whopping £249, but there’s £50 off it at the moment, thanks to the Black Friday gods.

Buy the Furbo Dog Camera now

5. Lifemax Heated Footplate

With the nights drawing in and the temperatures dropping faster than the price of a PS4 on Black Friday, you need things to make you warm. Things like central heating, jumpers, a nice pair of slippers… oh, and the Lifemax Heated Footplate! It’s like a heater for your feet, with the added bonus that it will give you a foot massage as well. 

Buy the Lifemax Heated Footplate now


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