5 reasons why you should choose refurbished for your next laptop


Everybody loves the latest and greatest technology. But as technology aficionados are all too aware, these days what you’re often paying for with a new device isn’t so much the improved functionality, but the word, ‘new’.

Ask yourself this: what can a new laptop do today that its predecessor couldn’t do two years ago? Did its CPU run your word processor noticeably slower? Was the web browsing experience not as good? Have improvements in video playback made that older laptop obsolete? Unless you’re using very high-powered applications, the answer to all those questions is very likely “no”. 

The experts are well aware of this, too. Many product lines stretch back years to the point where it’s simple to predict the exact features and specification of next year’s model. Much as we’d love product innovation to be constant, all too often tech has become commoditised. It’s like buying a new toaster: you make your choice based upon looks and price. On top of that, most companies’ computers are made from the exact same components as their rivals. In many cases, all ‘new’ really means is a slightly-different shape, different colour and an enhanced main CPU, which offers a little bit more speed for a little bit less power. But the core functionality will be very similar.

With all that in mind, considering a refurbished model for your next laptop purchase is one of the most sensible moves you can make.

1. Refurbished computers have undergone extensive testing

Normally, you have to pay a great deal of money for a computer to be tested thoroughly in order for it to get awarded a certification. Such testing is what turns a regular PC into an expensive workstation. But at Renewd – Australia’s largest consumer electronics refurbishment centre – the reverse is true. 

When Renewd receives a used computer, it’s disassembled and every component is checked, with any loose connections identified and fixed, and hard drives and optical drives are tested along with the power supply, screen, capacitors, RAM, graphics processor and every other fiddly bit. This testing process is more rigorous than when the product originally left the factory – only the resulting ‘as new’ computer is then given a significantly-lower price tag than it originally had. 

Not like all refurbished laptops are old and battered, either. There are numerous reasons why computers end up being refurbished; many units are often second-hand or traded-in, for example. Whatever the reason, Renewed’s cosmetic detailing, testing and certification process guarantees the product for 90 days from purchase, and you can add a 1 year warranty to any unit for a flat-rate of $89. These are not at all your typical “used” products.

2. Refurbished laptops are clean – inside and out

You don’t have to have spent much time around computers to know that all kinds of bad things happen in their presence: many substances are likely to have dripped, flaked or dropped on to their surfaces or into various crevices. Renewd’s expert technicians are well aware of this, too. They fully sanitise everything the company sells, so you can have the same confidence with a refurbished laptop that you’d get from a fancy restaurant’s cutlery. 

Everything is left clean on the inside too – hard drives are fully wiped to ensure that no cyber nasties or unwanted content resides on any device. A fresh and clean new operating systems is likewise installed on every computer.

Every laptop sold by Renewd is carefully inspected, tested, cleaned and certified by expert technicians. 

Every laptop sold by Renewd is carefully inspected, tested, cleaned and certified by expert technicians. 

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3. Refurbished doesn’t mean old

Take a look through Renewd’s range and you’ll find that many refurbished items are only one or two generations behind what’s considered ‘current’. In that time, it’s common to find that very few components will have changed beyond the main processor. The screens, speakers, webcams, microphones, keyboards and connectors are often changed so little from generation to generation that they’re practically identical. That means that unless you’re looking to process 8K video or mine the latest trendy cryptocurrency, chances are that a refurbished machine will more than cover your day-to-day computing needs.

4. The choice is enormous

It may sound counterintuitive, but when you’re not looking to buy the latest and greatest device from a showroom, a world of choice opens up. It takes only a few seconds of looking through Renewd’s selection to realise that you don’t have to compromise on a less-than-ideal machine, and that you actually can afford a device from your favourite laptop brand – and even one with a faster CPU or more memory.

You can choose from multiple generations of different brands’ laptops or desktops in a wide range of sizes, shapes, performance variants and styles of computer – and everything is amazingly affordable. It’s liberating!

5. You’ll get a super-competitive price

We saved the best until last. Removing the huge premiums that new devices carry completely changes the purchasing experience. The value is great across the board – and suddenly, that dream computer you saw that launched last year no longer comes with an unholy price tag, making it actually obtainable. You can save up to 70% off the manufacturer’s original RRP when buying refurbished!

Whatever your purchasing requirements; whether you need a laptop for school, a swanky ultraportable for a high-powered office job, or you just want to own n00bs, choosing a refurbished model can prove very attractive. But don’t take our word for it: check out Australia’s largest refurbished range of notebooks at www.renewd.com.au and you’ll see products from a huge variety of major brands including Apple, Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, ASUS and MSI – and they’ll likely carry price tags that don’t initially appear to make sense!

The company behind Renewd has shipped more than 100,000 refurbished devices to business and corporate clients over the past decade, so you can have complete peace of mind that you’re buying from a highly-reputable organisation. If you purchase a laptop from Renewd, the only thing you have to worry about is what to spend your significant savings on!


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