500MHz scopes from Rigol



There are eight instruments in the DS7000/MSO7000 family, all with four channels and rated at either 100, 200, 350 or 500MHz. MSO versions also have 16 digital channels. Memory up to 500Mpoints is available.

Sampling, which is at up to 10Gsample/s, is based around the in-house ‘Phoenix’ chips set and ‘UltraVison II’ architecture that the firm announced a year ago (see below).

Waveform capture rate is up to 600,000 wfms/s, with signal capture, display and decoding in and around Rigol’s  chip set technology for fastest analysis (decoding).

Trigger, maths and display features include FFT, mask jest, jitter analysis and power analysis, and for serial busses there are decode and trigger options.

Other instruments built-in include: voltmeter, counter, totaliser, protocol analyser and a two-channel arbitrary function generator.

Functional (non-measurement) interfaces include: USB host, USB device, LAN(LXI), HDMI and USB-GPIB. USB mouse support is offered.

Applications are expected in research, development, universities, schools, production and quality control, as well as communications, automotive, aerospace, industrial and power markets.

Accessories include active and passive probes, high-voltage probes and a 19-inch frame, as well as software drivers for standard packages and high-level languages and the free operating software Ultrascope.

Warranty is three years.

Rigol-Phoenix-chipset-620Phoenix Chipset

There are three chips in the Phoenix chipse, around which the Ultravision II architecture is based:

  • Beta Phoenicis, the analogue front end chip with a bandwidth of 4GHz.
  • Ankaa, the signal processing chip, supporting 10Gsample/s with bandwidth up to 6GHz.
  • Gamma Phoenicis, the probe amplifier chip, which will support a 6GHz active differential probe.

“Over the past 19 years Rigol has proven ourselves to be an innovator in the basic and value segments of the oscilloscope market,” said company president Rico Wang last year, “but with the introduction of this new chip set, developed through years of painstaking research and development, Rigol will now be able to bring its value proposition to more performance oriented applications.”


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