£60 Amazon.co.uk Gift Card up for grabs with all TalkTalk broadband and TV deals now


A week or two ago we were getting all excited because TalkTalk started offering really cheap Sky Sports with its fibre broadband plans. So imagine how giddy we are now that we’ve arranged an exclusive offer to TechRadar readers on TalkTalk’s broadband and TV deals, where you also get the choice of a £60 credit to one of four major online stores – including Amazon.co.uk!

Sign up for any TalkTalk broadband and TV package before the end of Sunday, July 29 and you’ll receive the bonus prize of a £60 Amazon.co.uk Gift Card. Prefer to have £60 to spend on gig tickets, your weekly shop or your pick of the Argos catalogue? Then you can get a gift card to Ticketmaster, Tesco or Argos instead.

Click here to claim this superb broadband and TV deal from TalkTalk

And, as we say, TalkTalk has some fantastic broadband and TV deals up for grabs anyway at the moment, thanks to the brand’s summer sale pricing. Prices start as low as £24 per month for standard ADSL internet speeds, a TalkTalk TV Plus box for recording and pausing and 80+ TV channels including the likes of Sky One, MTV and Comedy Central.

That said, we think we actually prefer TalkTalk’s boost packages – we have a full summary of what you can opt for, including that brilliant Sky Sports plan.

And bear in mind that you can only claim that tasty gift card if you click on one of these links and follow the steps further down this page – if you simply head off to the TalkTalk website and get it straight from there, you won’t be eligible for the exclusive £60 perk. The full terms and conditions are available when you click through, where you’ll notice that this is available to new TalkTalk customers only.

Our favourite TalkTalk broadband and TV deal

TalkTalk Faster Broadband + Sky Sports Bundle | 18 months | 35Mb avg. speed | All 8 Sky Sports channels | £9.95 delivery | £37.50 per month for first 9 months, then £56.50 per month + £60 gift card
Of all TalkTalk’s broadband and TV deals, we reckon we like this one the best. Speed-wise, you get cranked up to a nifty super fast fibre optics and an everage download speed over 4MB per second. And then there’s all those lovely Sky Sports channels, for all your Premier League football, Formula 1, golf, rugby and cricket needs. If you wanted this deal through Sky directly, you’d be paying £60 per month in total. Make no mistake, this is an awesome broadband and TV deal.
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What other TalkTalk broadband and TV deals are available?

TalkTalk has a large variety of different internet and TV plans that you can choose from. Its flexible ‘boost’ tariffs mean you get to handpick the channels that you’re most likely to watch, so that you don’t end up paying for premium channels that you never wanted in the first place.

So starting on the basis of £17pm for standard broadband speeds and £22.50 for 35Mb fibre broadband, you can add the following extras:

– Sky Cinema boost for £16 per month
– Kids boost for £6 per month
– Entertainment boost for £12 per month
– TV Select boost for £7 per month
– Asian TV boost for £7.50 per month
– Sky Sports AND Cinema boost for £42 per month

How to choose and claim your gift card:

Step one

Check out the variety of TalkTalk broadband and TV deals above, decide which one you like the best and click the link. You then need to sign up for the promotion by entering your email and pressing ‘Get Reward’. Giftcloud will send you an email on TalkTalk’s behalf to confirm it has received your registration. You can also find the full terms and conditions of the offer on that page.

Step two

Click ‘Buy now’ to go through to the TalkTalk website where you can select your deal and go on to the checkout.

Step 3

Complete your purchase and then sit back and wait.

TalkTalksays you will receive an email within 90 days of signing up. It’s at this stage where you choose what shop – Amazon.co.uk, Argos, Ticketmaster or Tesco – you want the gift card for. That email will also have instructions on how to claim the Gift Card, and then you have three months in which to do so. Full terms and conditions can be found when you click through to the deal at the links above.


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