8W off-line switcher up-rated for 480V three-phase industrial power



Intended for use up to 8W in industrial equipment it can be used in both isolated and non-isolated fly-back topologies. It can also be used in “high-quality consumer products destined for regions with unstable mains grids, tropical regions with frequent lightning strikes or any area where high-energy ring-waves and surges are prevalent”, said the firm.


For example, said product marketing manager Silvestro Fimiani, “OEMs addressing the market in India for high-quality consumer products suffer a continuous stream of electrically damaged and returned products that must be serviced or replaced. 900 V LinkSwitch-XT2 switcher ICs provide effective and inexpensive protection with a commensurate reduction in operating and product-support costs.”

The chip has been created for low power wastage. “The 900V versions of the family are optimised for high efficiency, enabling designs to easily meet Energy Related Products (ErP) limits,” said Power Integrations. “LinkSwitch-XT2 power supplies use less than 30mW when unloaded and have high conversion efficiency across the load range.”


Three-phase utility meters and motors, as well as IoT, home automation and building automation sensors and actuators are particular applications that Fimiani envisages – especially in wireless nodes that spend a lot of time in stand-by.

Selectable current limit and integrated auto-restart for short-circuit and open-loop protection as included, as is frequency jittering to reduce EMI.

Devices meet high-voltage creepage and clearance requirements between the Drain and all other pins both on the PCB and on the package.

Samples of the 900 V LinkSwitch-XT2 ICs are available now, and will be shown next month at Electronica (Hall C5, Booth 212).


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