Android Studio 3.1 improves support for database coding

What’s new to Android Studio 3.1?

Changes include a C++ performance profiler for troubleshooting performance bottlenecks in application code.

For database work, there’s improved code editor support for SQL table and query creation statements (SQL code completion in @Query declarations, better SQL statement refactoring, and SQL code navigation across your project, pictured above).

D8 is now the default dex compiler and Android Studio 3.1 has an updated Build output window, organising build status and errors in a new tree view.
in Android Studio 3.1.

In terms of an updated Android Emulator, it now lets you resume saved emulator sessions (in seconds) – via Quick Boot – and offers system images for APIs 25 and 26 with full Play Store.

And, finally, there’s improved lint support for the Kotlin code that was first supported in the 3.0 release. You can now run lint checks from the command line.

You can download the update from the official Android Studio download page.

The previous version, Android Studio 3.0, was released in May 2017, featuring support for Android Things, which is Google’s Android-based take on the IoT.