Antenova debuts Robusta



Antenova’s antennas for metal surfaces employ a patented two layer technique with one layer electrically isolated from the other, so as to provide RF shielding to the second layer. This allows the antenna to radiate effectively in the direction pointing away from the base material.

The Robusta antenna has two key features that suit it to discreet tracking.

It is low profile so it can be mounted onto a metal object such as a bicycle frame, maybe concealed under a label.

Being able to operate directly on a metal surface, it can be used on bicycles, motor cycles, vehicles, containers or other property that needs to be tracked and located accurately.

The antenna can also be used for smart lighting and smart meters in Smart City applications, where it can be fixed to metal fittings.

The antenna is manufactured from rigid FR4 material and measures 23mm x 16mm x 1.7mm high, and comes with 100mm or 150mm cable and IPEX MHF connector and an adhesive pad for integration into a device.


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