Arm buys Stream


“Stream’s core products and services can be split into two parts,” says Nigel Chadwick, CEO of Stream (pictured).

“One is the connectivity part, which enables data to be transferred from sensors and devices, out there in the environment, on to an endpoint. Most often, the endpoint is an application that makes decisions on the data, or acts as a storage facility for the data until it can be manipulated and used.

“Typically, the connectivity services we provide are across cellular networks. However, we also offer satellite connectivity for customers who are transmitting business critical data from remote locations, and LoRaWAN connectivity for customers who need long-range, low-power connectivity for a large number of IoT devices.

“We act very much like a mobile network operator but with a much more robust and efficient technical infrastructure. Our technical infrastructure enhances the resilience, security and reliability of transferring data from point A to point B, and perhaps to point C.

“The second part of the company revolves around our software services. This comprises a platform as a software service that manages connectivity across cellular, satellite and low-power wide-area networks. These are all different wireless communication protocols that can be used to transfer data from sensors and devices on to endpoints within the IoT”

It is thought that Arm needs Stream to enhance its IoT offering.


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