ARM launches first cores based on DynamIQ micro-architecture


ARM HQ Cambridge

The CPU cores, which use big.LITTLE and TrustZone technology, are designated Cortex A-75 and A-55. They have dedicated instructions for AI which are intended to boost AI performance by 50x in the next 3-5 years.

The A-75 claims a 50% increase in performance enabling it to address laptop, networking and server applications within a smartphone power budget.

The A-55 claims up to 2.5x performance-per-milliwatt efficiency compared to the A-53.

Along with the Cortex A75 and A-55 CPUs, ARM is launching a new Mali GPU based on the Bifrost architecture and designated G72. It is aimed at machine learning, gaming and VR. It claims 40% better performance than the G72.



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