Australian iPhone 8 Plus plans compared: what price should you expect to pay?


Since 2014, Apple has given its fans a healthy double dose of devices each year, introducing its Plus-sized model alongside its regular flagship iteration. This double-header has worked pretty well for Apple so far, so we’re fully expecting to see the launch of the iPhone 8 Plus alongside the iPhone 8 this year.

With the rumoured launch of the iPhone X, there’s a chance that this bigger handset may overshadow the launch of the iPhone 8 Plus, but there’s still no doubt going to be a place in many a phablet fan’s tech-hungry hands.

There’s plenty of speculation on what form and features will befall the iPhone 8 Plus, but on this page we’re going to take a look at the prices that we’re expecting from the next big Apple release. Whether it’s contract plans or outright deals, we’re going to have a go at predicting it all.

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iPhone 8 Plus price: how much will deals cost?

Last year’s iPhone 7 Plus is currently retailing at a starting price of $1,269 and we fully expect the iPhone 8 Plus to come in swinging a bit heavier than that. Excepting last year’s surprise release of the iPhone SE, mobile prices have been climbing year on year, and this is especially true of the big players like Apple and Samsung.

Based on what we’re thinking the iPhone 8 will come out for (between $1,099 – $1,199), and the iPhone X ($1,499), we can’t see the 8 Plus falling outside of the $1,299 – $1,349 range. This is obviously a strain on the wallet, but there’s nowhere to go but up for Apple’s flagships. If you’re keen on an outright handset, it’s probably worth your while hanging out for the Australian Black Friday sales so you can save some serious dosh.

When can I buy the iPhone 8 Plus?

Apple has been as secretive as ever about the details of its release dates this September and October, but we’re almost entirely certain the iPhone 8 Plus will be officially launched at the company’s September 12 event. Our retailer insiders are telling us that pre-order pricing will come to us by Friday, September 15 as well.

In the past, we’ve been able to get our big ol’ tech-fists on the actual device about a week later, which would see us getting the 8 Plus Friday, September 22. To keep on top of every development, be sure to bookmark our iPhone 8 Plus news and rumours page, which we keep constantly updated.

TechRadar predicts the best iPhone 8 Plus deal

Considering the dizzying heights the Apple flagship prices have risen to, there’s no wonder that people will be looking to soften the blow with a contract plan. We’ve tracked through deals of the past and are now bringing to you the most likely pricing for the cheapest deal to land you an iPhone 8 Plus on a contract in Australia.

iPhone 8 Plus | 2GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | $89 per month
Yeah. It’s going to hard no matter which way you flip it, but if you’re going to want the latest phablet from Apple, there’s a good chance you’re going to be paying almost $90 a month for the pleasure. No doubt, you’ll be wanting more data than that too, so this is just the tip of the iceberg. Total cost over 24 months is $2,136

Obviously we’re hoping that iPhone 8 Plus will somehow be the cheapest phone ever, and that would be real swell and all, but we’ve got to be a little realistic here. The plans are going to hurt and, unless you wait (a long time) for price drops, the outright handset cost is going to hurt as well.

If you’re dead keen on this year’s Plus-sized offering from Apple, and have the money on hand, then we’d recommend buying it outright and tracking down a decent SIM-only plan that can save you dollars in the long run.

Hey, it could be worse: here’s how much we’re expecting the iPhone X to be asking for when it shows its pretty little (big) face.


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