Beats Solo3 headphones deal is $80 off at Amazon for Black Friday, Cyber Sunday


You can still buy Beats Solo3 headphones as one of the Black Friday deals in the US, even though we’re technically headed into Cyber Sunday in the Eastern time zone.

The Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones are $80 on Amazon, costing a much more reasonable $219.99. The Apple Store is still selling them for $299.99 right now, so this is a legitimate deal you won’t find at every major store.

What’s great about the Beats Solo 3 headphones are that they contain Apple’s new W1 chip that instantly pairs them with your iPhone 7, iPad or Mac computer. No more spinning Bluetooth connect icon anymore.

These headphones kind of make up for the fact that Apple axed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The Beats Solo 3 are also among the most comfortable we’ve ever tried.

More Beats headphones on sale

The Beats Solo3 aren’t the only headphones with the new Apple W1 chip. The soon-to-be-released Apple AirPods include the wireless chip with the same instant connect capabilities. However, Apple has delayed the AirPods and hasn’t given us a new official release date for them just yet.

You can also find the Beats Powerbeats3 wireless in-ear earbuds for $159, when they normally cost $199 through Amazon. These are gym and run-friendly earbuds tethered to each other so you won’t lose them, like you could with the Apple AirPods.

The very same earbuds can be found for less without the awesome, but more costly W1 chip: the Powerbeats2 wireless in-ear eabuds for $89.99 also through Amazon. The headache of connecting them over the course of the next three years (roughly how long we expect you to use these before upgrading to something newer) is as low as $2.22 a month, so our recommendation is to spend the extra money if you can.

Finally, you can backtrack to the Beats Solo2 headphones for $109.99 at Amazon. Again, it lacks the wireless chip here. All of this is a lot better than paying for the Beats Solo3 at full price. You’re a Black Friday and Cyber Sunday winner no matter which headphone deal you go with.


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