Best Nintendo Switch games: the best games to show off Nintendo’s hybrid

It’s not even a year old but already the Nintendo Switch is proving to be a massive success for Nintendo. 

Having proven that the hybrid hardware not only works but also has more appeal to players than the Wii U before it, Nintendo is now turning its attention to the thing that will truly make or break its groundbreaking console: the games it can offer.

Fortunately, Nintendo hasn’t restricted its risk-taking to the form of its new console – as young as it is, the Switch is already offering one of the most diverse game libraries we’ve seen from Nintendo in years. Nintendo isn’t just for kids with the Switch.

The console has a number of exciting first-party and third-party titles. Already it exclusively has two of the most critically acclaimed titles of 2017 with The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. But you’ll also be able to play big third-party offerings like FIFA, Doom, and Skyrim. 

We’re not exactly drowning in physical games at the moment but the Nintendo Switch’s online store is sprawling and there’s a wide selection of games to sort through. 

If you’re somewhat overwhelmed by the selection, fear not; we’ve put together a must-play list to help you decide which games are worth your time and money. 

We’re constantly on the look out for the latest and greatest Switch games so keep checking back here as this list will be frequently updated. 

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