Bloodborne 2: everything we know so far


First released in 2015, From Software’s Bloodborne was a massive hit for the developer and PlayStation for whom it was an exclusive title. Given the game’s success and continued calls from fans for a sequel we don’t think it’s entirely unlikely that Bloodborne 2 will be announced eventually. That said, it hasn’t been done just yet.

That hasn’t stopped theories and rumors from circulating – especially after a certain mysterious From Software trailer made an appearance at the 2017 Game Awards. We’ve gathered all the latest news and rumors surrounding Bloodborne 2 for your perusal, along with some of our hopes and dreams for the sequel. If it ever happens, of course. 

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? An unconfirmed sequel to From Software’s Gothic hit Bloodborne 
  • What can I play it on? If it happens it’ll probably be a PS4 exclusive 
  • When can I play it? That’s anyone’s guess 

Bloodborne 2 release date

It’d be kind of hard to determine a release date for Bloodborne 2 given we don’t even know if it’s happening yet. That said, the original game was released in 2015 so a release within the next year or two would strike a good balance between a reasonably long development cycle and not allowing fans to lose hope or interest. 

Bloodborne 2 news and rumors

Is it being teased by From Software?

While there’s always been some hope from fans that a Bloodborne 2 would be released eventually, it was a trailer released by From Software at the Game Awards in 2017 that really made fans go wild. 

The very short trailer, which you can watch below, is extremely mysterious. And pretty gross. It doesn’t give any kind of title away but it does have the tagline “shadows die twice.” Between the gore and the mystery this trailer certainly smacks of Bloodborne. That said, it’s not guaranteed and there are many who believe it could just as easily mark the revival of the Tenchu series because there’s a distinctly Eastern theme to the trailer and in the background there’s a script that looks like it could be written in some kind of Japanese script.