Book review: Ladybird book of Quantum Mechanics


Ladybird Quantum Mechanics

While it is never going to teach you anything analytical, it will give you some about what the subject is, who the pioneers of quantum theory were, and how they interacted.

I had no idea that Erwin Schrodinger created a revolutionary wavy model about the atom, and Niels Bohr created a revolutionary particular model of the atom – both seemingly true and seemingly incompatible – and bought together later by – ooops, I have forgotten, despite reading it this morning.

What I also didn’t know was that there is old quantum physics and new quantum physics, meeting in the 1920s.

Dirac, Maxwell, Feynman and Einstein all get mentions.

Where it all gets too complicated, the author avoids waffle and says just that – except in one slightly annoying point where he explains why Max Planks realised that energy might be quantised, except that the sentence fluffs it – maybe meaning fell out in the edit.

Overall, excellent – worth a read unless you know the subject.



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