Brexit cliff-edge fear for manufacturers with no CE mark


And they are calling on the UK Government to commit to keeping the CE mark as it prepares to leave the EU.

TechUK’s director of market engagement, Paul Hide, writes:

“Keeping CE marking shows businesses that the UK is serious about avoiding a cliff edge and not creating barriers for trade as we prepare to leave the EU.”

Paul Hide

Paul Hide

CE marking, or the Declaration of Conformity, allows products to flow freely across Europe and shows goods meet safety, quality and environmental laws.

According to a paper “CE marking: Good for Business and Consumers” published by 16 trade associations covering a wide variety of manufacturers of tech products, toys, homeware and industrial machines, a worst-case scenario would see a UK-only marketing scheme or kite mark introduced.

Businesses fear that this will stymie exports by introducing unnecessary additional costs and delay time to market.

Hide, writes:

“Without CE marking products would cost more and take longer to come out. UK manufacturers will need to comply with it anyway if they want to export. CE marking is followed by a large number of non-EU countries and we should confirm plans to retain it immediately.”


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