CEVA algorithms clarify voice input


Voice-enabled speakers have to cope with multi-mic beamforming, multi-channel acoustic echo cancellation and noise suppression in their products.

The ClearVox algorithms cope with different acoustic scenarios and microphone configurations, including optimized software for speaker direction of arrival, multi-mic beamforming, noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation, as well as the related firmware and driver software.

It is offered in two pre-packaged software form factors; one for near-field applications including headsets and wearables, and the other for far-field applications targeting the emerging smart speaker, infotainment and other advanced voice-enabled applications.

The accompanying SDKit is available for customers to configure and adopt ClearVox to their unique product specifications, such as the number and geometry of microphones, echo tail length and more.

“Customers can now benefit from a single-source offering for the complete voice input solution, both the DSP and the software,” says CEVA CTao Erez Bar-Niv.




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