Chomerics makes thermal compound for ECUs and processors


CH273_TC50_LRESIt is intended to provide low thermal impedance at multiple gaps to permit the deployment of commonly used spreaders.

It only requires low compressive force to deform under assembly pressure. This is intended to minimise the stress on components, solder joints and leads.

It is RoHS compliant and the paste-like material has been manufactured for flexible dispensing to produce different thicknesses in line with specific application requirements.

A likely application for this thermal compound is in automotive ECUs (electronic control units), power supplies and semiconductors, as well as memory and power modules, microprocessors and consumer electronic products.

It can be packaged in syringes or cartridges, or bulk packaged in pails as required.

Delivering thermal conductivity of 5.5 W/m-K and heat capacity of 1 J/g-K, TC50 is typically suitable for all bond lines over 0.15 mm thick.


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