Collibra raises €40m


Collibra says: ‘Transforming your business to be data-driven is a top priority. But to achieve this goal, you must enable everyone across the business to find the data they need, understand its meaning, context, and lineage, and trust that it’s right. It sounds simple – but it’s not easy.’

Collibra says its services are used by more than half the world’s ten largest banks.

“Data’s day has come. And with that, organizations have recognized that data can only be leveraged as a strategic resource to the extent it can be accessed and, most important, trusted,” says Felix Van de Maele, co-founder and CEO of Collibra

The €40 million investment was the second made by VC firm Iconiq. KKR and Insight are also said to have made funding offers to Collibra.

The Iconiq offer values Collibra at €325 million.

Iconiq invests money for Mark Zuckerberg.


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