Colour-mixing collimators with narrow beams


Gaggione 45mm LLC59U collimator

Using a patented technology, according to the firm, it is achieves the narrowest available beams combined with state of the art colour mixing capabilities.

“Designed to match most demanding RGBW or human-centric light applications, it also provides a significant breakthrough with single or multi-chip white LEDS,” sias Gaggione. “Combined with quad chip white LEDs, it eliminates the cross-hair effect usually associated with narrow beams.”

The collimators are:

  • LLC59U
    As low as 5.7° FWHM with 4mm2 RGBW leds
    <4° FWHM with some white leds*,
  • LLC59N – “Bringing the stage lighting application to the next level”
    6.2° FWHM beam with 4mm2 RGBW.
  • LLC59C “Uncompromised colour mix for architectural or indoor coloured beams”
    <10° FWHM.

*3.9° with Seoul Z5, 4.0° with Osram Oslon SSL 150

FWHM is full width to half maximum intensity, so 4° FWHM is a +/-2° beam.

There is a video with some beam shots


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