Compound semiconductor Catapult gets CEO


Stephen Doran CEO Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult

“Stephen Doran brings over 25 years of experience in the global electronics markets,” said a spokesman for the Catapult. “The insight generated by a career spent developing and delivering leading-edge products for the commercial and defence sectors will now be applied to placing the UK at the fore of a global compound semiconductor market.”

Prior to Raytheon, Doran was COO at Wolfson Microelectronics, and with Motorola before that.

Sited in South Wales, the Catapult is part of nationwide network of technology innovation centres created by Innovate UK to drive economic growth, in this case bridging the gap between companies developing novel semiconductor materials, and those developing systems for end-user applications.

It will bring together independent scientists, engineers, and industry experts to explore novel applications relating to power electronics, photonics, rf and microwaves.

“The facilities and expertise the Catapult is creating will accelerate the introduction of UK developed semiconductor technology into new advanced systems, to solidify the UK’s position at the core of international supply chains spanning multiple markets across the globe,” said Doran.

“He [Doran] brings a wealth of experience to our team, especially in bringing new technologies to market. This experience will help the Catapult to identify and develop a range of services designed to help SMEs and larger industry players bring new compound semiconductor based products to commercial reality,” said Catapult chairman Kevin Crofton.


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