Conrad teams with Eurocircuits for PCB service



The service allows design engineers to order PCBs alongside other components, while a new Conrad landing page offers instant pricing for PCBs based on the parameters of a specific design.

Design rule guidelines are available to download and a design rule checker is available on the site to ensure that all designs uploaded comply with the guidelines.

Eurocircuits managing director Dirk Stans said: “We are very excited to be partnered with Conrad Business Supplies. We look forward to seeing the new PCB portal and working with their extensive European customer base.”

PCBs available through the new service include bare prototype boards without a soldermask or silkscreen; complete prototype boards; and FR-4 lead-free soldering compatible PCBs up to 16 layers, which offer track widths down to 90mm.

Other options in the range include flex-to-install PCBs, RF-suitable designs and single layer insulated metal substrate for high power applications.


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