Cree’s 1W RGBW led for architectural lighting.



The package is a standard surface-mount 5 x 5.2mm PLCC8, 1.1mm high.

At 100mA, output is:

CLQ6A* lm cd λ dominant mA
red 14 3 – 5.86 619 – 624nm 200 520
green 30 7.03 – 14.4 520 – 535nm 180 684
blue 8.2 1.824 – 3.59 460 – 475nm 180 684
white 25 5.86- 12 2,500-6,500k (CCT) 200 720

* combined data CLQ6A press release and CLQ6A-TKW data sheet. I have asked Cree if all CLQ6As are CLQ6A-TKWs.
** continuous, ‘single-color light’, says data sheet – which looks like it could do with a little clarification in some places.
*** total power within package not specified (at least, I can’t find it in the data sheet)

Binning and part numbering are a strange affairs – check the data sheet to work it out, and then explain it to me please. I looked at data sheet version CLD-CT1387.001.

Cree CLX6F-AKBPlus a new amber

At the same time, said the firm, it has extended the CLX6F family with a phosphor-converted amber option that delivers 23 lm at 105mA in a 3.4 x 3.5 mm package.

strange Cree linkHunting on the website, it looks like this might be the part CLX6F-AKB – bizarrely eventually found by clicking on a link for CLX6D-FKB  after this search.

The CLX6F-AKB has three separate die accessed through six pins, designed to be run at 50mA each, so 150mA in parallel.
It comes in a 3.5 x 3.4 x 2.8mm package.

I would not normally make such a fuss about part numbers, links and website clarity.
Cree is a company that makes high-quality products – at least, all the ones I have ever used are/were excellent.
However, unless I am making some mistakes here, and I am sorry if I have, its information is not as superbly clear as it once was.
Please Cree, put accurate links to actual data sheets in your news releases. I spend at least an hour trying to unravel numbers for this blog.



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