Daicel offers free nanodiamond samples to researchers


The ND samples are supplied to researchers in universities and research institutes free of charge to accelerate the development of new applications with NDs.

ND samples contain ζnegative potential NDs water dispersion, ζpositive NDs, polyglycerin modified NDs, and chemically modified NDs in organic solvents.

This wide variety of NDs has been prepared for a range of client purposes. For example, polyglycerin modified NDs are dispersible in ionic solutions and NDs in organic solvents are prepared for mixing into plastics, oils and rubber.

Daicel’s  webpages for NDs have been updated with newly created content including a sample order system. (https://www.daicel.com/en/research/nanodiamonds.html)

NDs have potential for use in various applications such as additives for lubricants, antioxidants, grain refining agent for plating, bio imaging, drug delivery, diamond sensors, and others.

Examples of ND Samples:

Cluster NDs powder 1g
ζ- NDs in water 1wt% 50ml
ζ+ NDs in water 1wt% 50ml
Polyglycerin modified NDs in water 1wt% 10ml
Acrylated NDs in THF1wt% 10ml
Modified NDs in toluene 1wt% 10ml


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