DIN rail PSUs achieve 94.5% efficiency


Traco Power DIN rail

Called the TIB family, they are aimed at industrial environments and control cabinets and available in 80, 120, 240 or 480W power ranges, with 24Vdc outputs (adjustable from 23.5 to 28V).

With less heat to shift, the company has made them smaller.

“Their high efficiency enables a slimmer package design with a DIN rail clip that can be mounted on either the rear in typical installations or the side in flat panel installations, with DC-OK LED indicators on both the front and side,” said Traco. “The product’s reduced heat dissipation enables a -20°C to +60°C full load operating temperature range and up to 70°C with 20% de-rating.”

150% boost power is available for a minimum of 4 seconds to support stepper motors, solenoids or actuators.

EMC immunity is compliant for applications in industrial environments (EN 61000-6-2), and emissions compliant with the standard for residential and commercial environments (EN 61000-6-3).

Output filtering reduces common mode current to within limits of telecommunication ports, said the firm

With active correction included, power factor is up to 99%.

All models are safety approved to meet UL/EN60950-1 and UL508 listed.

There is a three year warranty.


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