Diodes cuts Schottky forward drop


Diodes trench Schottky

“The initial family of 29 devices provides the blocking, free-wheeling, fly-back and other diode functions commonly found in a wide range of applications, such as ac-dc chargers, ac-dc adapters, dc-dc up conversion, dc-dc down conversion and AC LED lighting,” said the firm.

The deep-trench process means forward voltage is as low as 0.62V, while leakage can be as low as 3.5µA.

Within the family, maximum average rectified current ratings from 5A to 40A are offered, with peak repetitive reverse voltages (VRRM) up to 120V and forward surge currents (IFSM) as high as 280A.

PowerDI5, TO220AB, and ITO220AB package options (see photo) are designed for effective thermal transfer. “These packages are suited for high-volume manufacturing and also allow the parts to be used as drop-in replacements for generic planar-type Schottky diodes”, said the firm.


Example parts are


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