DIY origami shields PCBs against EMC



For prototyping, ShielDIY is bend-it-yourself shielding made from 0.2 mm thick metal sheet with pre-embossed fold lines at 5mm intervals.

Wurth-ShielDIY-instructions“To produce an individual shielding cabinet of the required shape, all that needs to be done is cut out with scissors, fold and solder onto the PC Board,” said the firm. “We recommend to cut along the carved lines before bending to the desired shape. Please remember to save some material for soldering.”

This sits alongside the Wurth’s WE-SHC family of pre-formed rectangular shielding frames and matching lids from below 20 x 20mm to 60 x 60mm in various heights.

There is also a design kit with a selection of pre-formed PCB shields.

Shields are made of thin, tin-plated sheet, certified to DIN EN 10202/10203.

“The shielding keeps electromagnetic radiation away from the circuit board and improve the noise immunity of the output and input stages of HF, oscillator and EMC-sensitive components in plastic housings,” said Wurth.



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