Download of the day: Calibre


If your ebook library has become a bewildering mess, give Calibre a try – it’ll get your virtual shelves organised in no time, and has some nifty extras too.

Why you need it

With so many ebook readers on the market today, all with their own proprietary file formats – keeping your library organized is more important than ever. Thankfully, Calibre makes it simple to keep tabs on your collection.

Key features

Format conversion

Built-in editor

Global news feeds

Calibre lets you convert your ebooks to a large range of formats, ensuring you’ll be able to read your ebooks even if you change devices. You can create libraries and group books into themes or categories, access your books online and edit ebooks in the most popular formats.

But it’s more than just a simple ebook organiser. Calibre allows you to ‘fetch’ news stories from the internet and convert them into an ebook format, ready to  browse at your leisure. It’s almost like having your own news and current affairs magazine on your ereader, and comes in very handy for when you don’t have time to read the news but want to catch up later.

Whether you simply want to get your library in order or need a more powerful tool for all your reading material, Calibre has something to suit you. Download it free now and give it a try!


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