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OpenOffice Portable

You’ve got to love whoever did the marketing blurb: “Apache OpenOffice Portable: the complete office suite that’s completely portable” hardly stirs the soul – but if you want an office suite that rivals Microsoft’s moneyspinner in a file size so small you could engrave it on an ant, Apache OpenOffice Portable is the product for you.

Despite its diminutive size – 826MB installed, or 1.5GB if you want the All Language Pack – it delivers full word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing and database apps.

Why you need it

You might not have access to the same computer every day, or you might just have very limited disk space and prefer your office apps when they don’t take half your hard drive. Either way OpenOffice Portable delivers all the features you need in a package small enough for the cheapest USB stick or memory card.

All that’s missing is a few fonts, which are buggy on Windows 10 and have been taken out of the package and made available as a separate download for users of other Windows versions.

OpenOffice Portable works on Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 10, and it also runs on Linux under Wine.

Download here: OpenOffice Portable


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