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PhraseExpress works as a universal autocomplete tool, saving you time and effort by inserting commonly used phrases and other text into any program when you type a particular shortcut. You can also use it to complete forms automatically, and to create macros that automate repetitive tasks.

PhraseExpress has dozens of possible uses: you can enter whole boilerplate emails with just a few keypresses, choose from a list of email signatures, complete forms, and write letters using ready-made chunks of text.

Why you need it

PhraseExpress is designed to make your life as simple as possible. Simply let it run quietly in the background and it will learn phrases or chunks of text that you use frequently, and suggest continuations when you begin to type them – like predictive texting on your phone, but much more accurate and for far larger sections of text. 

PhraseExpress can work systemwide – for websites as well as software – or you can restrict it to certain applications if you prefer. 

The main program window lets you manage your phrases (including those created automatically as well as manually), assign shortcuts (with optional hotkeys), and import and export phrases – ideal if you use multiple PCs and want to share settings across them.

PhraseExpress’s macro creation tool is particularly impressive, recording your mouse actions and reproducing them on command. You can also create autotext that will open a certain program, file, directory or webpage instantly.

It’s an amazing timesaver, and we think you’ll love it.

Download here: PhraseExpress


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