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Revo Uninstaller

Is there anything more annoying than when uninstalling a program doesn’t properly uninstall it? Well, yes, there are quite a few things, and we’re collating them in a big list. But there isn’t an app to fix those things, whereas there is an app to fix your Windows woes. Say hello to Revo Uninstaller.

Why you need it

With Windows, uninstalling a program should be simple: go into Control Panel, choose the program you want to remove and hit the Uninstall button. But it rarely works like that. More often than not you’ll find bits of the program are still on your PC: files and folders, registry entries, additional components and possibly the odd bit of adware or spyware. All of these things take up space, and can have an impact on your PC’s performance too.

Revo Uninstaller solves all of that. It sits in the background, monitoring what gets installed on your PC, and when you want to get rid of it Revo ensures that every single component is zapped. You can also use it to force delete things that previous uninstallers have left behind, or to delete multiple programs simultaneously. It does its job quietly and efficiently, eradicating the components normal installers often struggle to reach.

Download here: Revo Uninstaller


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