EPC announces eGaN hits the road for automotive design


Two of the company’s eGaN FETs, the EPC2202 and EPC2203, underwent environmental and bias-stress testing, including humidity testing with bias (H3TRB), high temperature reverse bias (HTRB), high temperature gate bias (HTGB) and temperature cycling. The company reports that the wafer level chip scale (WLCS) package has also passed the same testing standards created for conventional packaged parts. This, says the company, demonstrates no compromise in reliability for the packaging.

The EPC2202 is an 80V, 16mΩ enhancement-mode FET with a pulsed current rating of 75A in a 2.1 x 1.6mm chip scale package. The EPC2203 is an 80V, 73mΩ part with a pulsed current rating of 18A in a 0.9 x 0.9mm chip scale package. The eGaN FETs are smaller and up to 10 to 100 times faster than their silicon MOSFET counterparts, claims the company. They are designed for applications such as lidar, high intensity headlights, 48Vto 12VDC/DC converters and high fidelity infotainment systems.

The eGaN devices are produced in facilities certified to the Automotive Quality Management System Standard IATF 16949. The company plans to introduce more transistors and ICs designed to enable autonomous driving and improve fuel economy and safety based on eGaN technology.

Both FETs are available now from Digi-Key.





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