European project to boost electric vehicle performance

ModulED at CEA Leti

Called ModulED, the three-year, €7.2m project will consist of 10 European research institutes, selected from the automotive-industry and universities (see below), and will cover boosting drivetrain performance, efficient manufacturing, reduced environmental impact and vehicle cost.

“Electric vehicles are a key component of the EU’s commitment to limit climate change, but current electric vehicles face challenges preventing large market acceptance, including consumer resistance due to cost and limited driving ranges,” said Leti project co-ordinator Bernard Strée. “ModulED will target these challenges via the manufacturing process, including the mass-production context, increased value-chain involvement and life-cycle analysis for optimised duration and minimised environmental impact.”

Subjects include:

  • Gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors.
  • Manufacturing motor magnets, with less rare-earth content
  • Modular motors for easier production
  • Electric transmission and cooling for hybrid vehicles
  • Braking energy recovery


Leti is contributing GaN know-how, and Leti parent company CEA (the French atomic energy authority) is also contributing magnetic materials and simulation expertise though its Liten subsidiary.


  • Leti (France)
  • Liten (France)
  • Brusa Elektronik (Switzerland)
  • Punch Powertrain (Belgium)
  • ZG (Germany)
  • Siemens (France)
  • Efficient Innovation (France)
  • RTWH Aachen University
  • Chalmers University (Sweden)
  • Eindhoven University of Technology

Image – ModulED outside Leti in Grenoble

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