Even IMAX is turning its back on 3D films


It’s been obvious that interest in 3D movies has been in decline for some years now. Of the major television manufacturers, none have released any 3D sets in 2017, and most cinematic 3D releases are now converted in post production with directors unwilling to go to the trouble of using 3D cameras on set. 

Now even IMAX, which has consistently pushed 3D films even before the latest 3D trend, has said that it’s planning to move away from the technology. 

Speaking in a recent earnings call, the CEO Greg Foster spoke about the success of the 2D IMAX film Dunkirk as evidence that the technology’s appeal does not rest upon 3D. 

One quarter of the film’s revenue came from IMAX showings, despite only a fraction of screens around the world being IMAX.

‘A strong preference’ for 2D

As a result, the company is looking to play fewer 3D versions of films, such as Blade Runner 2049 which will be shown only in 2D when it releases in IMAX cinemas. 

IMAX is still trying new things. It’s recently opened a VR centre in LA, and has plans to roll the technology out to more locations worldwide. 

These VR centres show custom VR experiences on StarVR headsets that have been made especially for IMAX. Announced experiences include two based on the upcoming Warner Bros films Justice League and Aquaman

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