FabLab London’s Tony Fish looks for EW BrightSparks creativity


FabLab London's Tony Fish looks for EW BrightSparks creativity


You can now read more about his thoughts on how best to get young people to embrace engineering….

In an interview with DesignSpark, he talks about – for example – the need to encourage creativity, as opposed to following a standard, narrow IT curriculum…

Prior to his current role at FabLab London, Tony had some personal experience with the UK national curriculum’s computing syllabus and has voiced concerns that the focus is purely on coding, rather than things. He believes that to help inspire students, our computing classes should include everything from art to engineering. That rather than teaching students to get jobs in IT, we should teach them how they can use their own creativity to start up and build their own businesses.

It’s not enough to get young people interested in engineering alone; Tony feels that it is important for each and every one of us to get the opportunity to discover what we are truly passionate about and have the chance to try everything out until something clicks that has real meaning and personal value to us. He believes that when you do something you love, you will make a difference. One of his favourite things about running FabLab London is that he gets to work with some truly amazing people who draw their ideas and inspiration from things that he didn’t even know existed!

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FabLab London's Tony Fish joins EW BrightSparksTony Fish joins Dr Lucy Rogers (science writer/presenter and judge on BBC’s Robot Wars), Paul Hide (COO of techUK), Lindsley Ruth (CEO, RS Components) and Richard Wilson (Editor, Electronics Weekly) on the judging panel.


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