February IC sales up 16.5%



February was the  market’s largest y-o-y growth since October 2010.

“The global semiconductor industry has posted strong sales early in 2017, with memory products like DRAM and NAND flash leading the way,” says SIA CEO  John Neuffer, “year-to-year sales increased by double digits across most regional markets, with the China and Americas markets showing particularly strong growth. Global market trends are favorable for continuing sales growth in the months ahead.”

Year-to-year sales increased across all regions: China (25.0%), the Americas (19.1%), Japan (11.9%), Asia Pacific/All Other (11.2%), and Europe (5.9%). Month-to-month sales increased modestly in Asia Pacific/All Other (0.5%) but decreased slightly across all others: Europe (-0.6%), Japan (-0.9%), China (-1.0%), and the Americas (-2.3%).


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