Flex Logix’ stitchable LUT blocks for SoCs



Flex Logic is a two and a half year-old start-up backed by $7.4 million of venture capital.

he Flex Logix technology has the ability to stitch cores together and, with 49 linked 2,500 LUT cores, can put 100,000 LUTs on an SoC.

At 28nm Flex Logix’s technology can deliver 2,100 LUTs per sq mm of silicon including the interconnect and the I/O. That’s enough to do an encryption accelerator in an MCU, says Flex Logix CEO Geoff Tate.

This is about 20/30% less dense than Xilinx Virtex FPGAs at 28nm, according to Flex Logix CEO Geoff Tate.

At 40nm the Flex Logix process delivers 923 LUTs per sq mm – enough to deliver flexible I/O in an MCU.

“Networking companies are wanting reconfigurable chips to handle protocol changes in the future,” says Tate, “a few hundred LUTs can deliver reconfigurable control Logic on a networking chip.”with


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