Fourth generation super-junction mosfet from Vishay


01feb17 Vishay SiHP065N60E 600V mosfetThe n-channel SiHP065N60E has 30% less 0n-resistance and 44 % lower gate charge compared with previous 600 V E Series devices.

The figures are 0.065Ω max at 10 V and 49nC – resulting in a 2.8Ω.nC figure-of-merit, whihc Vishay claims is the lowest for any 600V mosfet used in power conversion.

“With the SiHP065N60E and the upcoming fourth-generation 600V E Series family, we are addressing the need for efficiency and power density improvements in the first stages of the power system architecture – power factor correction and subsequent high-voltage DC/DC converter blocks,” said Vishar marketing director David Grey.

Output capacitances Co(er) and Co(tr) are 93pf and 593pF respectively.

“These values translate into reduced switching losses to save energy in power factor correction and hard-switched DC/DC converter topologies,” said the firm.

It comes in a TO-220AB package, is RoHS-compliant, halogen-free and designed to withstand over-voltage transients in the avalanche mode with guaranteed limits through 100 % UIS testing.



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