Fujitsu GaN-HEMT PA achieves world’s highest output density



To realize long-distance, high-capacity wireless communications, a promising approach is to utilize the W-band and other high frequency bands that encompass a broad range of usable frequencies, and increase output with a transmission power amplifier.

At the same time, demand exists for improved efficiency in power amplifiers in order to mitigate the increased power consumption of communication systems.

Fujitsu has now succeeded in developing a power amplifier for use in W-band transmissions that offers both high output power and high efficiency, improving transistor performance through the reduction of electrical current leakage and internal GaN-HEMT resistance.

Fujitsu has achieved 4.5 watts per millimeter of gate width, the world’s highest output density in the W-band, and has confirmed a 26% reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional technology.

Fujitsu anticipates that setting this power amplifier between wireless communication systems in two locations will achieve high-bandwidth communications at 10 Gbit/s)p over a distance of 10km.



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